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Southwind Sporting Clays stands out as a premier destination for sporting clays and quail hunting. Garnering a variety of opinions from seasoned local guides and regular visitors, this preserve offers a unique blend of challenges and experiences for shooting enthusiasts.

Main Features

  • Two Sporting Clays Courses: Described as suitably challenging for both average and above-average shooters.
  • Quail Hunting and Pheasant Shooting: Available for groups, adding variety to the shooting experience.
  • Pistol and Rifle Range: Includes a 200+yd rifle range and a pistol range with multiple shooting stations.
  • Shotgun Training: Beneficial for both experienced shooters and beginners.
  • Affordable Rates and Membership Options: Offers value for regular visitors, though some feel yearly membership could offer more.
  • Friendly and Helpful Staff: Consistently praised for their hospitality and expertise.
  • Philanthropic Events: Hosts events benefiting various foundations, showing a commitment to community.

Strengths and Weaknesses

  • Strength: Versatility in Shooting Options – The facility provides varied shooting experiences, catering to different skill levels.
  • Strength: Community Engagement – Hosting philanthropic events demonstrates a commitment beyond just business.
  • Strength: Consistent Quality of Service – Regulars and newcomers alike praise the friendly staff and well-maintained facilities.
  • Weakness: Maintenance of Certain Areas – Some visitors noted areas like the pistol range needing better upkeep over time.




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