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Port Malabar Rifle and Pistol Club (PMRPC) in Palm Bay, Florida, offers a unique experience for firearms enthusiasts. This private club, known for its expansive 122-acre facility, provides members with over a dozen shooting ranges. However, its management and accessibility have been topics of mixed reviews.

Key Features

  • Range Variety: PMRPC boasts a diverse array of ranges, including a 600-yard Rifle Range, Practice Pistol and Rifle Ranges, Benchrest, Smallbore, Action Area, Trap, Skeet, Sporting Clays, Blackpowder, Archery, Precision Pistol, Multi-Use, and Air Rifle Ranges. Ongoing expansions include a 100-yard rifle range for position shooting and additional action bays.
  • Membership Details: Annual fees are set at $150, with a one-time $200 initiation charge. Associate Memberships for relatives in the same household are available for $35 annually. All fees include state taxes. Membership in the NRA is mandatory for joining PMRPC.
  • Safety and Orientation: Safety is paramount, with orientations involving classroom sessions, range tours, demonstrations of proper gun handling, and safety quizzes. Applicants must bring an unloaded pistol or .22 rifle in a secure case.
  • Accessibility Concerns: Some reviewers noted challenges in reaching staff and obtaining entry as potential members, suggesting room for improvement in communication and customer service.
  • Diverse Opinions: While many praise the club’s facilities and range options, criticisms include poor business management, issues with website security, and lack of responsiveness regarding employment opportunities.

Membership Process

Joining PMRPC requires supporting the Second Amendment and firearm ownership eligibility. Orientation is held monthly, limited to 50 participants. The club emphasizes safety, requiring a gunhandling review and a safety quiz. Yearly dues are prorated based on the joining month, with discounts for military and first responders.




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