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The Pooler Police Department Gun Range, located at 560 Winskie Rd, Pooler, GA 31322, United States, is a notable shooting range in Pooler, Georgia. This range has garnered attention through various online platforms, including Google reviews, where it currently holds a 1.0 rating based on 4 reviews.

Main Features and Public Perception

  • Location: Situated in Pooler, Georgia, offering easy access for local residents.
  • Public Reviews: The range has received mixed feedback from the public, with some concerns about management.
  • Community Engagement: The department is known for its humorous and light-hearted social media interactions, such as joking about starting a rodeo and sharing amusing incidents involving cows at the range.
  • Safety Record: Notably, no animals or humans have been harmed at the range, highlighting a commitment to safety.
  • Additional Information: Questions from the public include inquiries about public access, current management, and contact information.

Unique Incidents

The range has experienced some unusual events, including instances where cows were found on the premises. These incidents have been handled without any harm to humans or animals, showcasing the department’s ability to manage unexpected situations. The humorous handling of these events, such as suggesting a rodeo and sharing amusing photographs, reflects a lighter side of the department’s community interactions.

Community Questions and Contact

There are questions from the community regarding the range’s accessibility to the public and inquiries about the current chief of police. Additionally, individuals have sought contact information for the range.



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