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Founded in 1995, LAX Firing Range offers an immersive shooting experience in Los Angeles. The establishment boasts 14 automated shooting lanes, each stretching up to 25 yards and adjustable for various distances. Suitable for beginners and seasoned shooters alike, the range welcomes all handgun calibers, high-powered rifles, and shotguns. To ensure safety, the range mandates the use of their own ammunition for rifles and shotguns.

Ammunition and Rentals:

  • The range offers an extensive collection of ammunition including renowned brands like Remington, Winchester, and Federal. Their signature LAX ammo is available in both brand-new and reloaded forms, with reloads providing a cost-effective yet high-quality shooting experience.
  • For those uncertain about their weapon choice, LAX Firing Range provides an extensive selection of gun rentals. This “try before you buy” model ensures customers make informed decisions.

Pro Shop & Services: Although LAX Firing Range does not sell firearms, it houses a comprehensive pro shop stocked with gun-related accessories, including ammunition, tactical gear, knives, and rifle kits. The establishment also extends services like law enforcement sales, an array of firearms training programs, security guard training, NRA instructor courses, specialized classes, and an ultrasonic gun cleaning service. Enthusiasts can also participate in the much-awaited annual glock tournament.

Comfort for All: Non-shooters are not left out, as the range features a relaxation area equipped with air conditioning, ample seating, and flat-screen TVs, allowing guests to comfortably watch the action.

Pricing: Range fees range from $20 to $25 per hour based on the type of firearm and ammunition choice. Those renting firearms need to be in groups of at least two unless they bring their own firearm, adhering to a personal safety policy. Dress code restrictions are enforced for everyone’s safety. They also have a variety of gun rentals with prices starting from $17 per day. Reservations, currently available only for walk-ins, range from $20 to $60 depending on group size.

For frequent visitors, LAX offers memberships with benefits such as free range time, discounted gun rentals, and more. Fees for memberships range from a monthly rate of $70 up to the premium Platinum package at $595.

Firearms Training: Courses are tailored for different levels of expertise. The beginner class is priced at $150 per person, while the private class is available for $180 per person. All classes include necessary equipment like firearms, ammunition, targets, and range time. For more details or to schedule a class, interested individuals can call the range directly.

Reviews: Customers frequently commend the knowledgeable staff, describing them as professionals passionate about teaching. The range’s services, especially for first-timers, earn high praise for their patient and helpful nature. LAX Firing Range has also been recognized for its friendly environment, with some reviews highlighting the dedication of specific staff members in making their experience memorable. The only noted concern has been about some of the lanes not functioning optimally on certain visits.




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