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Discover the highly effective and distinct advantage of the Israeli tactical shooting method. Developed over years, this method emphasizes practical performance. Its guiding principle is to neutralize threats in the most instinctive and straightforward manner possible. Trainees are immersed in stress factors, simulating real-life situations, ensuring that their reactions under stress are instinctive and effective. This has made it the method of choice for various professional agencies globally.


  • Extensive Knowledge: Based on the reviews, Mr. Cale and his team exhibit a profound commitment to detail and knowledge in their training.
  • Professionalism: The instructors are described as top-notch professionals who treat students with utmost respect.
  • Effective Teaching Methodology: Many reviewers have expressed how the course provided value right from the beginning, with one participant mentioning that they learned more in the first three hours than in previous courses they had taken.


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Courses Offered:

  1. Israeli Combat Shooting (Levels 1-3):
    • Learn fundamentals and advanced tactics as taught to Israeli Police, Military, Special Forces, and professionals worldwide.
    • Each level builds upon the skills learned in the preceding level.
  2. Israeli Combat Rifle (Levels 1 & 2):
    • Intensive training focused on the Israeli Method of the M4/M16 weapon, gaining hands-on proficiency under demanding conditions.
    • Limited to M4/AR-15 style weapons.
  3. CQB Training (AR15 & Handgun):
    • Learn the Close Quarters Battle techniques used by elite Israeli units.
    • Emphasizes decision-making under stress and principles of CQB.
  4. Women’s Only Handgun Training:
    • Designed for women to gain confidence in firearm handling in a safe and positive environment.
    • Focus on enhancing body mechanics, muscle memory, and urban environment techniques.
  5. Tactical Shotgun:
    • A 1-day course focusing on tactical speed shooting and aggressive gun-handling skills.
    • Goes beyond basics, introducing deployment techniques critical for personal defense.




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