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Established by Matt Seibert and Sherrie Seibert, INSIGHT Firearms Training is not just about mastering shooting abilities; it’s also about understanding and controlling one’s mind and emotions. Their mission is to enhance and expand one’s life through the art of firearm proficiency.

What They Offer:

  • Diverse Range of Courses: From beginners to advanced, from civilians to law enforcement, INSIGHT offers a myriad of courses. Whether it’s about CCW (Carry of Concealed Weapon), Advanced Defensive Pistol Classes, Instructor Development, or Train the Trainer programs, there’s something for everyone.
  • Arizona CCW Permit Certification: With over 22 years in the field, INSIGHT has trained thousands in Arizona, emphasizing gun safety, understanding the state’s self-defense laws, and comprehensive knowledge about CCW responsibilities. Their training includes over 3 hours of legal information.
  • State-of-the-Art Teaching: INSIGHT uses multimedia technology in their classroom presentations. This format ensures that students remain engaged, comprehend, and retain the information effectively. Their “Team Teaching” approach gives students different perspectives, maximizing learning.
  • Courses for Everyone: Whether you’re interested in Arizona, Utah, or Florida CCW permit courses, or specialized ones like the Beginning Defensive Pistol Course (Co-Ed or Ladies Only), or Self Defense Pistol Courses, INSIGHT has a course tailored for you.
  • Stay Updated: INSIGHT encourages enthusiasts to sign up for newsletters to remain informed about the latest news and updates in the firearms industry.
  • Gift Certificates: Want to gift someone a unique experience? INSIGHT offers gift certificates to provide someone the opportunity to dive into firearm training.
  • Gallery & Hypnosis Training: There’s also an option to learn about the power of conversational hypnosis, which can be an instrumental tool in guiding student learning processes.

Strengths as per Reviews:

  • Extensive Knowledge: Reviewers consistently mention the invaluable information they received, even though Arizona doesn’t require a permit for concealed carry.
  • Professionalism: Instructors are lauded for their expertise, knowledge, and the vast wealth of information they provide.
  • Highly Recommended: Many individuals stress the importance of the class for those wanting to conceal carry, even if it isn’t mandatory in Arizona.
  • Great Facilities: The shooting center is described as clean, bright, and newly remodeled.
  • Personalized Training: New shooters, as well as those with experience, appreciate the tailored approach to their specific needs.

Points for Consideration:

While the listing primarily provides positive aspects of the business, potential clients might also want to understand any weaknesses or areas for improvement. Reviewers do not provide specific criticisms, which could be a testament to the quality of service provided by INSIGHT. However, the mention of advanced classes being booked 10 months in advance might indicate high demand, requiring early booking.




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