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Situated in the scenic location of Cord, AR, Independence Firearms & Training is the ultimate destination for all shooting enthusiasts. Founded by Mike and Karen Lies, both passionate shooters with decades of experience, the facility stands as a testament to their love for firearms, training, and community.

Features and Offerings:

  • An expansive outdoor shooting range stretching up to 300 yards, designed with dynamic environments in mind. Instead of just static bullseye targets, shooters can enjoy interactive steel, moving, and gaming targets. Coming soon, the exciting bowling pin league promises added entertainment for all.
  • An innovative indoor laser range ensuring realistic training minus the ammo costs. Perfect for beginners and pros alike, this range is available regardless of weather. Experience varied shooting scenarios and even rent a gun if you wish to experiment.
  • Training Classes that cater to all: from concealed carry classes to pistol, rifle, self-defense, scenario-based, medical training, and more. Personalized training for church/business safety teams, clubs, organizations, and families also available.
  • Event Hosting: From family gatherings to corporate events, their facility is equipped with an event center and offers game options such as horseshoes, corn hole, and disc golf putting basket. Relish the picturesque surroundings from a deck overlooking a serene pond.
  • A fully-stocked Pro Shop with guns, silencers, ammo, medical supplies, and top-notch self-defense/CCW gear. Mike, with his extensive knowledge, is always at hand to provide advice.

Membership Options:

  • Individual: $99/year (+$49 initiation fee)
  • Couple: $159/year (+$49 initiation fee)
  • Family: $199/year (+$49 initiation fee)
  • Family Shooting: $299/year (+$49 initiation fee)
  • Business: Offers a 10% discount for signing up 2+ employees.
  • Military & Law Enforcement (Active and Retired): 50% off

Members enjoy exclusive benefits, such as discounts on gun rentals, classes, purchases, and range rentals. Other perks include free paper targets, ‘Bring a Guest’ passes, and access to special events.

Feedback from the Community: Many locals, such as Stacy Allen, praise the range and highlight Mike’s exceptional training skills and Karen’s shooting prowess. Others, like Beth McCollum, commend the range’s quality and the in-depth instruction provided by the couple. Silvia Alsinet and Evan Ashmore echo the sentiment, celebrating the warm hospitality of Mike and Karen and the comprehensive range of services offered.




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