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Hobart Mills Shooting Range is a modest shooting area located beside a forest logging zone in Truckee, California. With a scenic backdrop that’s elevated enough to place targets on a hill, it provides a unique shooting experience. Though the range spans approximately 70-80 yards, it’s adequate for a variety of firearms, with a special mention for 22LR for plinking. A defining feature of this range is its open atmosphere, free of charge, making it a favorite among locals and visitors looking for an unobstructed shooting session.


  • Open Environment: The range is open to the public and doesn’t usually have crowd issues. This means attendees can enjoy their shooting sessions without much disturbance.
  • Safety: Despite the absence of range masters, the place is deemed safe by many users. Parents have found it an ideal spot to introduce shooting to their kids.
  • No Fee: One of the attractive features is that there’s no fee to shoot.
  • Self-regulated: The community ethos here is strong, with many reviewers emphasizing the importance of cleaning up after oneself.


  • Size: While many appreciate its open nature, some reviewers have noted it’s more like a “shooting pit” than a full-fledged range.
  • Amenities: There is no shade available, and attendees are expected to bring their own guns, ammo, targets, and trash bags for clean-up.
  • Distance Limitations: It might not be the best place for long-range calibers, given its size constraints.
  • Maintenance: Some attendees have noted it can get messy, likely due to individuals not cleaning up after themselves.



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