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Located in the Bay Area, Diablo Rod & Gun Club is heralded as one of the premier shooting clubs. With its affiliation to the United Sportsmen Inc., which boasts one of the top shooting ranges in Northern California, this club promises an experience like no other.

Offerings and Features:

  1. Membership Opportunities: Joining the club grants access to over 15 range activities and discounts on public shooting fees.
  2. Youth Programs: Catering to tomorrow’s shooters, the club has activities for youths aged 8-18, allowing them to shoot free of charge.
  3. Shooting Activities: From Action Pistol and Olympic Shooting to Shotgun Sports, there’s a wide array of activities to suit every enthusiast.
  4. Facilities: United Sportsmen Inc. is continuously looking to expand and improve, with future plans including the addition of indoor shooting facilities and extended night shooting.
  5. Community: A warm and welcoming group, the club has over 2,700 members, ranging from national competition participants to families eager to learn about gun safety and responsibility.

Feedback & Reviews:

  1. Education and Training: Members commend the club’s dedication to providing educational resources, like the Women’s Shooting Clinic, where participants are taught gun safety, proper handling, and shooting techniques. The club’s commitment to safety is a frequently mentioned strength in reviews.
  2. Community Involvement: The club’s monthly social dinners and regular events foster a strong sense of community. The events are a testament to the club’s dedication to its members.
  3. Responsive Staff: Members appreciate the prompt and professional responses from the staff, singling out individuals like Christopher Payne for their dedication and support.
  4. Facility Updates: The club is in a constant state of improvement. The multipurpose range is now open for rimfire shooting, and members eagerly anticipate the completion of the public rifle and pistol ranges.

Some Points of Contention:

  1. There have been mentions of increased fees, suggesting the club’s services might come at a steeper cost.
  2. Some members have pointed out specific policies they found unusual or inconvenient, though the club has shown responsiveness to such feedback.




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