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Nestled in the heart of New Castle, Delaware, the Delaware State Pistol Club (DSPC) offers a comprehensive range of shooting activities that cater to all – from the novice shooter to the seasoned marksman. Families can also find an assortment of competitive and recreational shooting activities to indulge in.

Facilities and Features

  • Indoor heated range.
  • Cozy clubhouse for relaxation.
  • Well-maintained bathroom facilities.
  • Only firearms chambered for pistol calibers not exceeding 1500fps are permitted.

Membership at DSPC

  • Associate Member: Access to club facilities during club events or when with a Key Holding Member. Attend new member orientation and training on Wednesday nights.
  • Spouse: Identical privileges as an Associate Member, but applicable only to spouses of members.
  • Junior Member: For dependents less than 21 years old, with similar rights as an Associate Member.
  • Key Holder Member: After six months as an Associate and meeting certain criteria, gain unlimited access, barring voting and office holding rights.
  • Voting Member: Full club privileges including voting and holding office. The utmost authority within the corporation.


  • Various scheduled activities like Action Pistol, Bullseye Leagues, Silhouette Shooting, NRA Youth .22 Rifle Shooting, and more.

Reviews and Feedback From the memories of cleaning brass shared by longtime visitors to positive commendations on the club’s safe environment and knowledgeable members, it’s clear that DSPC holds a special place in many hearts. It’s not just a shooting range but a community. New members can look forward to joining an experienced and dedicated group of enthusiasts.

However, it’s worth noting some areas of improvement. Prospective members have indicated difficulty in reaching out due to the absence of an answering machine. Additionally, while DSPC is primarily a private club, there seems to be some confusion about which events are open to the general public.




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