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  • Camp Sumter Gun Club is situated at 1295 Stubbs Road, Andersonville, GA 31711, offering easy access to local and regional firearms enthusiasts. The club’s GPS coordinates are 33.4353967, -84.0859692, making it easy for visitors to find it.

Exclusive Membership and Family-Friendly Environment

  • This member-only gun club emphasizes a family-oriented atmosphere, catering to individuals and families interested in safe firearm usage.

Affiliations and Mission

  • As an NRA and CMP affiliated range, Camp Sumter Gun Club is dedicated to providing a venue for practicing and improving shooting skills, participating in competitive events, and receiving professional firearms and safety instruction.

Facilities and Offerings

  • The club provides venues for pistol, rifle, and shotgun disciplines. It hosts both monthly and annual competitive events, ensuring that non-competitive members also have access to range facilities.

Public Access During Competitions

  • Although primarily a member-only range, the club offers limited public access during competition matches, allowing non-members to experience the facility’s offerings.

Safety and Training

  • Safety is a paramount concern at Camp Sumter. The club boasts certified safety officers and firearms instructors with credentials from renowned organizations like the NRA and IDPA. Their NRA Certified Chief Range Safety Officer can certify new Range Safety Officers, highlighting the club’s commitment to safety education.

Educational Programs

  • The “Refuse to Be A Victim®” seminar is a notable offering, focusing on personal safety strategies and awareness rather than firearm or self-defense skills. It is designed to enhance personal safety in various life aspects.

Shooting Disciplines and Activities

  • The club provides diverse shooting disciplines, including Pistol Matches, Cowboy Action, Smallbore Silhouette, Rimfire Steel Challenge, Shotgun Sports, and Law Enforcement Firearms Match, catering to a broad spectrum of shooting enthusiasts.

Community Feedback

  • Positive reviews from local guides and visitors underscore the club’s reputation as a great shooting venue. Comments like “Very nice NRA Silhouette range” and “Great place to shoot” reflect the satisfaction of the shooting community.




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