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Located in the heart of California’s central valley, Avenal Gun Club, established in 1955, offers an exclusive membership-only shooting range experience. Members can indulge in a broad spectrum of shooting activities, ranging from archery to high-powered firearms.


  • Pistol Range: 5yd – 25yd (Metallic Silhouettes available)
  • Sight In Range 1: 25yd – 100yd
  • High Power Range 2: 200m – 500m (Metallic Silhouettes available)
  • Long Range 3: 600yd – 900yd (Metallic Silhouettes available)
  • .22 Range: 44m – 100m (Metallic Spinner Targets available)
  • Trap Shooting
  • Archery Range: 10yd-100yd

For shooting aficionados, all ranges come equipped with steel silhouettes, and the pistol and .22 range additionally offer steel swingers. While the club provides certain targets, members are free to bring their own paper or steel targets to enhance their shooting experience.

Important Notices:

What Members Are Saying:

  • Described as the “best range in the valley,” Avenal Gun Club caters to diverse shooting preferences, boasting facilities from pistol ranges to an extensive 900yd long-range shooting space.
  • Several members have highlighted the club as a fantastic hangout spot, perfect for group outings with friends.




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