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Located within a 20-minute drive of downtown Phoenix, Arizona Tactical Adventures offers a unique and immersive tactical training experience. With over 15 years of expertise, they have been providing comprehensive tactical training to military, law enforcement, and civilian personnel. The team consists of professionals from various branches of the military such as the US Airforce, Army, and Navy. Many of them have offered protective services overseas, and are NRA certified firearms instructors.

Adventure Packages:

  1. Shoot House Adventure (2 Hours):
    • Realistic building clearing scenarios with Glock 17 pistol or AR-15 rifle.
    • Training on clearing buildings using pistols or rifles against photo-realistic or 3D combat targets.
    • Souvenir patch included.
    • Pricing: $189 per person. Special discounts for groups and age limit is 12 and up.
  2. Black Ops Experience (2 Hours):
    • Dive deep into tactical maneuvers using equipment worth over $5000.
    • Learn door breaching, room clearing, and identification of improvised explosive devices.
    • Souvenir patch included.
    • Pricing: $249 per person. Group size limit is between two and four. Age restriction is 14 and up.
  3. Sniper Experience (3 Hours):
    • Shooting training with military-grade sniper rifles engaging targets from 200-700 yards.
    • Souvenir tactical cap included.
    • Pricing: $349 per person. Available on select days from November to April. Age restriction is 16 and up.
  4. Tactical Training Programs:
    • Offered both publicly and privately with distinct focuses on pistol or AR-15 rifle.
    • Pricing varies, starting from $319. Age restriction is 16 and up.

Exclusive Member Programs:

  • SITE ALPHA MEMBERSHIP offers access to advanced training programs not available to the general public at various venues. They even offer opportunities to train in California and Nevada.
  • Membership packages range from an Annual Membership at $549 to Tier 1 and Tier 2 lifetime memberships priced at $2549 and $1999 respectively.

Reviews: Reviewers praise Arizona Tactical Adventures for its well-organized and structured courses. Megan described her family outing as a “Five-Star Experience”, highlighting the thrill and excitement from start to finish. Shane appreciated the clear and concise instructions provided by the lead instructor, Mike. Another reviewer, Lothric N, mentioned that the shoot house adventure made them feel like real navy seals and recommended it as a fun activity for the entire family.




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