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Experience the thrill of firearms at Ares Arms Gun Experiences. Located at the Ares Training Facility, Central Florida’s largest outdoor range, Ares Arms offers an extensive range of shooting activities. Whether for a special occasion or simply a desire for adventure, Ares Arms caters to all.

Main Features

  • Diverse Shooting Options: Enjoy a variety of experiences, including full-auto machine guns, Gatling guns, .50 cal Barretts, flamethrowers, and more.
  • Gun Trial Lessons: Perfect for those considering a firearm purchase, offering hands-on experience with different gun types and calibers.
  • Specialized for Events: Ideal for birthday parties, bachelor parties, team building, and corporate networking.
  • Safety and Education: Each session is guided by trained professionals prioritizing safety and education.
  • Wide Range of Firearms: The collection includes iconic guns like Dirty Harry’s revolver, 1916 WW1 Luger, and a double-barrel shotgun.
  • Appointment-Only Service: Ensures personalized and safe experiences for all participants.
  • Versatile Outdoor Range: The 100-acre facility offers spaces for target shooting, tactical and defensive shooting, and long-distance shooting.

Strengths and Weaknesses

Reviewers consistently praise the facility for its wide range of firearms, knowledgeable staff, and excellent safety measures. The experiences are described as unique and highly enjoyable, suitable for both beginners and experienced shooters. The facility’s extensive range and diverse shooting options cater to various interests and skill levels.

Some might find the need for advanced appointments and the unavailability of guns on the property as limitations. However, these policies are in place to ensure safety and the best possible experience for each visitor.




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