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Founded in 1956 by Dr. William T. Ince MD, who initiated Twentynine Palms’ first hospital, the 29 Palms Pistol and Rifle Club is an 80-acre facility leased from the Bureau of Land Management since 1964. Positioned as a recreational non-profit, this “MEMBERS ONLY” club offers a sanctuary for firearm enthusiasts, guided by a longstanding tradition of community service.

Key Features:

  1. Membership: An annual membership fee of $75, valid from September 1 to August 31. The membership extends to spouses, children, and grandchildren below 18 when accompanied by the primary member. New members also pay a one-time fee of $50.
  2. Diverse Ranges: The club boasts multiple ranges including:
    • Law Enforcement Range
    • Pistol Range
    • Cowboy/Combat Range
    • Trap Range
    • Rifle Range
  3. Amenities: A well-maintained Range House featuring a modern kitchen, seating area, and flush toilets. Campers can also enjoy 24/7 accessibility on the grounds.
  4. Community Service: The club generously offers free range time to various community and governmental entities like the California Highway Patrol, Joshua Tree National Park officers, and U.S. Military Special Warfare Units.
  5. Safety: Members are expected to follow a comprehensive set of safety guidelines and range etiquettes. This includes target practices, firearm handling, and child supervision.


  • Described as an “open place to shoot” and considered a “local gem,” the facility has garnered appreciation for its cleanliness and updated clubhouse.
  • The club has been continuously maintained, with members praising its evolution over the decades. Specifics like multiple pistol ranges and a skeet range have been especially highlighted.
  • The club’s efforts in community service have been positively acknowledged.

Areas of Improvement:

  • Some feedback indicates room for enhancement in customer service, particularly over the phone.

Note: Prospective members must attend a mandatory Range and Safety class, pass a test, and show government-issued photo ID for enrollment. Several rules, including no advertising, no alcohol or drug use, and strict supervision of children, ensure the club’s prestige and safety. All members are responsible for keeping the range clean, and violations may result in membership termination.




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