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Nestled in the picturesque landscape of Georgia, Sweetwater Wingshooting boasts a rich history that dates back to the early 1700s. Sweetwater Creek, a key feature of the area, has been a staple for both resident and migratory dove and waterfowl. One of the last four of its kind in the county is the historic rock dam that James Mattox built in 1767. With the establishment of the Stage Coach Inn in 1803, the area became a restful stop for travelers, blending history with the tradition of wingshooting.

Dove Season Highlights:

  • Limited memberships are available, emphasizing the importance of family and tradition in the wingshooting experience.
  • Special allowance for two children (15 and under) per membership, fostering the next generation of wingshooters.

Lodge and Farm Membership:

  • The scenic Lodge, offers serene fireside views of a 50-acre private lake.

The Habitat:

  • The fields for the season include Winter Wheat, Clearfield Sunflower, Corn, and Grain Sorghum.
  • Collaboration with State Biologists and Agricultural Specialists ensures successful crop yields and quality dove shoots.
  • A year-round habitat management plan provides consistent, high-quality shoots, benefiting from both fall and spring migrations.
  • Carson McElheney, renowned for his expertise in landscape architecture and land planning, has meticulously crafted Sweetwater Farm into a premier wingshooting venue.




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