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Located just 5.5 miles north of Kelley’s Crossroads on Highway 22 in Coosa County, the Coosa WMA Shooting Range is a sought-after destination for shooting enthusiasts. The range offers shooting opportunities at distances up to 100 yards.

Facilities & Accessibility:

  • The range features a concrete parking space specifically designed for one vehicle, ensuring wheelchair access to the shooting benches.
  • While the range has undergone significant improvements, it’s noteworthy that there are no bathroom facilities on site.
  • For those who need to stay connected, a strong 5-bar cell signal with AT&T is available.

Hours & Regulations:

  • The range is accessible during daylight hours, with exceptions made for those with permits.
  • Alcohol is strictly prohibited.
  • All firearm and ammunition types are welcome, excluding armor-piercing or tracer varieties.
  • Safety guidelines mandate keeping firearms unloaded with muzzles pointed down range when not in use.
  • Shooting is only allowed from designated stations, with rules specifying the types of targets permissible.

License Requirements:

  • Alabama residents aged 16-64 must possess a valid hunting, heritage, fishing, or WMA license.
  • Non-residents aged 16 and above require a valid WMA or non-resident hunting license.
  • Licenses can be acquired online, via a phone call to 1-888-848-6887, or by visiting a local retail vendor.


  • Many reviewers commend the upgrades, highlighting its modern appearance.
  • The range has been praised for its expansive, outdoor setting.
  • The presence of a US Forest service officer on-site is an added security measure.


  • Access to the range is via a steep road filled with loose gravel, which some found challenging to navigate, especially during wet conditions.
  • A common drawback cited by many is the lack of restroom facilities.
  • The range can get busy, especially during peak times, with a limited number of spots available for shooting.

Advice for Visitors:

  • First-timers are encouraged to bring their own targets and ensure they clean up after themselves.
  • Being an outdoor facility, visitors should also be cautious of the local wildlife, including black widow spiders, which have been spotted on the shooting tables.



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