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Located at 2403 Gunclub Rd, Angels Camp, CA 95222, the Angels Camp Gun Club is a premier shooting range nestled in the picturesque landscapes of California. With a Google rating of 4.7 based on 7 reviews, this establishment is more than just a place to hone your shooting skills; it’s an experience in itself.


  • Friendly Atmosphere: Many reviewers consistently mention the warm and welcoming nature of the staff and patrons. The friendly ambiance makes it a great spot not only for seasoned shooters but also for newcomers who are looking to get acquainted with the sport.
  • Affordability: It offers competitive pricing, especially for multiple rounds of trap, making it a cost-effective option for those practicing for competitions or looking to get more shots in per session.
  • Scenic Beauty: The gun club is set against a beautiful country backdrop, providing shooters with serene views while they practice. The tranquility of the surroundings enhances the overall experience, making each visit memorable.
  • Quality Facilities: The trap houses at the club have been commended for being top-notch, ensuring that the shooting experience is smooth and trouble-free.



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